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Case-by-case personal approach

We assist you in important life events as:

  • Closing of wedding contract or contract of legal cohabitation;

  • Purchasing your (first) house and contracting a loan;

  • Assisting in your personal carreer by:

    • Starting a new company, followed by a possible expansion;

    • Buying of investment properties and entering into professional financing;

  • Settling a divorce or relationschip breakdown;

  • Estate planning by:

    • Modifying marriage contract;

    • Donating real estate and personal property;

    • Establishing your will;

  • Taking care of your legacy;

Always resulting in well-considered advice where different options are verified with their pros and cons. Taking into account regional (Flanders, Brussels, Wallonia) and European legislation. French, Dutch and English spoken. All of this in the international and specialized context of Brussels-Capital.

History | Since 1881

Notary Kim Lagae, succesor of:

Notary Kim Lagae, succesor of:

Koningsstraat 55 / 4 Brussel, Brussel 1000

| Koningsstraat 55 / 4 1000 Brussel

  • 02/214.01.01
  • 02/218.71.37

Available on appointment from Monday to Friday (9am - 7pm). Parking space possible on request.

    As of 16/08, new traffic rules are in effect around the Pentagon. The study will be less easily accessible as a result. You can find detailed directions via this link.

Kim Lagae | Kim Lagae

Born in a family of entrepreneurs , I started my academic career as a student Master in Business Administration. During my studies, my interests and competences lied mostly in the legal aspects of the study. After graduating my economic degree, I completed my Masters in Law and Notary degree also in Brussels.

The complexity of different cases around the notaries in the capital, as well as the aspect of bilingualism, convinced me to further expand my professional career in Brussels city. I prefer to do this in a middle-sized office, where a personal approach combined with a professional context is key. After succeeding the examination of notary-candidate, I managed to acquire the office where I too completed my internship.

A professional career combined with a young family gives me the perfect base to qualitatively handle your private and professional cases.

  • Master in Business Administration 1999-2003

  • Master of Laws 2003 – 2007

  • Master of Notarial Law 2007-2008

  • Notary-candidate in Jean-Philippe Lagae’s office from 2008 to 2015

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